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Hairstyles Mariah Carey Should Try While On American Idol!

We were looking at hairstyles Mariah has done in the past and nowadays, but she hasn’t ventured far from her goldie locks. We think she is gorgeous and understood her facial features may be a reason to the long curls she does on a regular. But what if she was adventurous with her hair?

We tried our best to throw some looks onto Mariah Carey and we want to know what you think looks best. Comments are open and let us know your favorite style. Either way, she is a great fit to the ‘American Idol’ family.


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Thank God I Found You (Make It Last Remix)

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follow this blog lambs! its a sure sgshw!

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Anonymous said: I would follow your tumblr if you didn't have hideous aguilera spam through the Mimi posts :(

First off christina aguilera is my second favorite singer.. Second I use to blog alot of photos of her. i don’t do that anymore I’m just all mariah carey now!! So you can choose to follow me or not.. It don’t really matter to me :)

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Simply Gorgeous

Simply Gorgeous

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mariah careydivabeautiful
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mariah careywhite dressbeautifuledit
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Mariah throughout the years. 

Happy Anniversaryyyy Dahhhhling
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Mariah Carey at 21 and 39

Mariah Carey at 21 and 39

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mariah careychristmas
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If @mariahcarey had short hair.. Beautiful!! @MCCChile Love This Picture :)

If @mariahcarey had short hair.. Beautiful!! @MCCChile Love This Picture :)

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Mariah Carey at a press conference for the film ‘Precious’ during the 2009 Toronto International Film Festival on September 13, 2009 in Toronto, Canada.

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